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Jan. 27th, 2020

Writer Info;
Writer Name/Handle: Diana
Are you (the Writer) 18 years of age or over?: The march of age continues on.

Character Info;
Employment: Soothsayer
Housing: A formerly abandoned house
Character Journal name: http://vidaymuerte.insanejournal.com | [info]vidaymuerte
Character Name: Yahaira Magadalena Ozuna Cortez, her papers give her name as Magadalena Eduarda Ozuna
Character Age: 35 years, born October 3rd
Character Played By: Tessa Thompson

Character Personality & History:
The cards laid before her said one thing. She had denied this, but the chicken bones had repeated the message, and the goat entrails. Death if she remained. Her hands were not shaking as she looked around the villa -- her gilded cage but the home she'd had for the past thirty years.

This was Eduardo's home. His children played in the gardens in the rear under the watchful eyes of their mother and governesses. Under the eye too of their guards, armed killers all, men and women who did horrible things for their boss, for Eduardo, that she never asked about.

If she did not know, she could not be used against him.

Her gaze skated over the spacious marble floors, the ferns she had coaxed to life that lived in the corners of their rooms, adding life to austerity.

This was her home. Mama had died here, Eduardo and his physician on one side of the bed, her curled up against her side. That had been 15 years ago, just after she had turned 18. The dead called her mama until she finally had to go.

Her eyelids fluttered.

"You must go." That was Eduardo's voice, clear and strong, a deep timbre that did not allow for questions.

She did it anyway. "Papa--" Because he liked when she called him that. Nevermind that he was not her father, that he and her mama had never had sex, and that this had been the third home of her life. (The first had been with mama and abuela, in Yaviza, Panama. They had left when she was three for Colombia, when Carlos had brought them there. Carlos was dead now, by someone's hand. Her mother's? Yahaira did not know and did not ask. And as for her father, Mama only said that he had the voice of a saint and the lust of a devil, with a tongue that would spin such sweet lies that he would try to open even the gates of Heaven)

"No. You must."

The cards spoke. The bones spoke. The entrails spoke. Her mother had spoke, in the days when they first moved here. She had held still, still as a good girl, she wanted mama proud of her, and the magic was done. Eduardo's life had been tied to hers, and as long as she lived, Eduardo would.

That was what Mama said.

"Yes, papa," she said as she began to put the cards away. If she died, Eduardo was in danger. The bones went into the bag. The entrails were taken away to be burnt down in the kitchen, or beyond the property line.

She did not know.

She did not ask.

She rose slowly, as was expected of her. This man had provided for her and her mama, she stayed as he wanted, she went where he wanted her to go, and he kept her safe. What he said, she did and he did not ask her for things beyond her reach. "I will pack, papa," she told him, words quiet. What would she need? She did not leave here.

She had never left here once she and Mama arrived.

"I will find you somewhere safe, beyond the reach of Gonzalez," he promised her, pulling her into a hug and kissing her brow. It took her a moment to relax into his arms, and then she clung to him, refusing to cry even as uncertainty loomed. "You will be safe, I will make sure of it. Go now, I will send Sofia in to help you."

Yahaira did not need to ask if Sofia would accompany her. Sofia was too old, she was needed her, by Eduardo and his family. Only she would go.

"I will get your papers. Everything. Do not worry, mija. I will keep you safe." He smelled like fresh mangos and the cologne that she bought him every year for Christmas, clean and woodsy.

"Yes. Papa."

"Get your things, tell me where you must go to be safe."

She felt numb as she returned to her rooms, the marble interrupted by colorful rugs as she retrieved her map and pendulum. Where would Fate send her? To Panama? To Mexico? Brazil? She only knew a smattering of Portuguese. Her fingers felt numb as she brought it back to the sitting room. Loving hands spread out the world map and she retrieved her gold pendulum from the velvet pouch it was in.

Concentrating, she let the pendulum begin swinging. She would not think about how she as afraid, about how she did not want to leave -- and the pendulum began to move. Her arm moved with it until it vibrated in a straight line -- what was where she would go.

The first thing she saw was that the point rested in the United States.

Fuck. The pendulum clattered to the surface of the map as the scream worked out of her throat. She had to leave -- for the land of gringoes with their suspicions and their hatred, all the fear pushed out of her as rage.

One scream.

"Mija!" A sharp rebuke.

Her hands slapped onto the table and she nearly tore the map, but she did not. One scream, one show of her feelings was all she was allowed and once she was sure she could say the words without choking, she did so. "Lo siento, Papa." Her words were air and they tasted of grave incense.

The world was hell, and all the devils were in the States.

She felt nothing as she gathered her things and returned to her rooms.

She asked for nothing.


Magic - She can't create something from nothing, but she does have extensive psychic abilities, as well as the ability to curse if need be. She can read tarot, bones, and animal entrails.

Dowsing - The ability to locate people, objects and resources without the use of scientific apparatus. Usually using her pendulum.

Energy medicine - The ability to heal others using energy. This is one power that exhausts her, and she does not use often because of the toll it takes on her.

Precognition - The ability to perceive events before they happen. This ability is focused around a few selective people that she has a deep emotional connection to.

Psychometry - The ability to perceive residual information about an object and/or person. Requires direct contact. Stronger emotions leave longer residual information, things that are handled without emotion need to be recently handled for her to pick up anything.

Town Connections;

The bodyguard: [info]misogi
La Sangre: Other bruja/witches.
Medio hermanos: From her biological father's hijueputa. side.
La colectividad: Other Spanish speakers, could be other Afro-Panamanians, or Colombians.

[Character contact and information for [info]repose]

Character: Yahaira Magdalena Ozuna Cortez, current papers give her name as Magdalena Eduardo Ozuna
Residence: a previously abandoned home
Employment: (Where does the character work?)

Player name: Diana
Timezone: EST

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